Our Estate




Our rustic, yet elegant venue gives guests a comfortable experience in breathtaking surroundings.



Our outdoor covered patio is an alternative to an indoor event. We also have a lower terrace, so you can be married right by the pond. Plus, the photo options outdoors are endless!

Our Spaces

Event Space

Enjoy a large, open space with rustic decor, cathedral ceilings, breathtaking chandeliers, and multi-room options to suit your event needs.

Outdoor Patios

Our patios provide a casual location for your ceremony, where guests have a place to relax, enjoy cocktail hour, or as a multi-purpose extension of your event space.


Stoney Oak Ridge hosts two lofts, each with their own private room and bathroom. They are perfect for wedding ceremony prep, and additional space for  your event.


We offer bridal and groom suites, to allow private spaces near the event for preparation and privacy.

Kids Room

Kids can steal away to a place built for them, which includes various entertainment including books, toys and a TV with comfy seating.

Main & Service Bar

Enjoy full service at our bar, filled with the drinks you pre-select for your special day. Includes keg and beer coolers, along with an ice machine.




Where we began...

The first wedding at Stoney Oak Ridge was Steve & Allison Buckley's own - they actually built the main building to host their celebration! Afterwards it was used as storage, but they knew it was too beautiful for that.

In 2022 Allison and Steve launched their new plans to transform the property into an exceptional event venue, so that others can create their own special memories. The main building has been updated and expanded, and more additions will arrive in the next few years. They look forward to seeing their vision come to life, and for many new visitors to enjoy.

Professional photos courtesy of Vintage Country Photography.